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A Rotary International of Britain and Ireland project bikes4Africa is jole rider’s flagship programme in support of its mission: to change lives through education

Many African children live in remote communities, a long way from their nearest school. Without reliable, affordable, motorised transport the only way these children can get to school is to walk. In searing heat, their journey to education on foot is a daily epic mission.
Having a bicycle makes a world of difference for these children, and for their families and communities too.

bikes4Africa refurbishes donated second-hand bikes and delivers them from the UK to African schools, where they enable children to...
•    get to school, and arrive on time, instead of late
•    begin the school day alert, instead of exhausted
•    stay for extra lessons at the end of the school day
•    remain safe by travelling home from school in daylight
•    reach higher academic achievement

The number of students at rural schools in The Gambia who gained 5 or more credits [entry requirement for university] has more than doubled as a direct result of the bicycles.
Also, students at rural schools are achieving Aggregate Scores of 6 [TOP MARKS] for the first time in the country’s history.

Bicycles need to meet the criteria in our Bike Spec., and also need to come with a donation of at least £10 each, to cover the cost of shipping to Africa. We receive bikes from individuals, the police, recycling centres and businesses.
Checking and, if necessary, refurbishing the bikes is carried out by prison inmates around the UK.

Thanks to the investment, help and involvement of schools, volunteers and our partners, we change more than 2500 lives directly every year,  and many thousands more every year indirectly.

When the bikes arrive in The Gambia, our partner organisation jole rider Gambia, which has pre-selected the schools, oversees the distribution of the bikes with the assistance of the Gambian Ministry of Education.
Bikes remain school property, with teachers allocating them to the children who need them most.
When a child graduates from school, their bike is re-allocated to another child.

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