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PROJECTS FOR 2020-2021

The main fundraising event this Rotary year will be a major Charity Schools Concert on Thursday 5 March in the Iveagh Cinema. Nine schools from Banbridge district will be taking part, and The  Southern Area Hospice, Newry is expected to be the main beneficiary..
We are also hosting a President's Charity night in the Belmont Hotel (date tba). The funds will be supporting, the Hospice, Shelterbox, Rombo in Kenya and Via Wings, a Woman's Charity in Dromore.

A street collection has been organised on 21 & 22 November for this excellent and worthy charity


Do you throw away your old ink jet or laser printer cartridges or mobile phones?
Bring them to your Rotary Club and we'll ensure that they are recycled.
The Jack and Jill Children's' Foundation will benefit by £2.50 for every cartridge and £4.50 for every mobile phone we receive. The organisation helps babies born with severe developmental delay - if you would like to know more, please visit their website from our Links page. Each year we sent off two or three large boxes of cartridges.

We are also taking part in the Bikes for Africa project. Over 12 have already been collected and we hope to have 20 ready for general collection at the beginning of March. If you have any discarded bicycles in your garage, please contact us via Thompsons Tyres at 028 4064062 3670  or More information to be found by clicking the above link or on bikes4africa website via our links page.

We will continue with this flagship project which has done much to enhance the profile of the Club and of Rotary worldwide after recent earthquakes, tsunamis or wars in e.g. Haiti, Japan, Phillippines, Syria (see Club News page).

For more than a decade, we have been supporting a Radio Lifeline project in Africa. In Zambia alone, the education sector has suffered a heavy toll due to HIV/AIDS. In 1996 the number of school-aged orphans not attending school was estimated at 400,000. By 1998 this number had doubled and is now probably over 1.2 million. Many more vulnerable children cannot afford to go to school because of poverty, or to care for sick parents/guardians, or may be trying to earn a living for the family.
One Lifeline Radio which costs only £35.00 supervised by a local mentor provides the ability to educate 40 children through distance education.

These are left by members of the public at various collection points, packaged by club members, and examined and sorted by optometrists for despatch to the third world. It is comforting to know that our old spectacles could mean life itself to the recipients. For over 25 years, the Club has been consistently collecting 700-800 pairs annually.
We can easily take specs for granted, but in the third world, loss of 20-20 vision can mean not having work, which in turn can mean starvation.

For a small Rotary Club, Banbridge fights above its weight. For example, over a period of only eleven years the Rotary Club of Banbridge has raised over £24,000 in the car ballot alone - in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Belfast East in their annual car ballot which has raised over half a million pounds sterling for charities at home and far away.

Interviews begin in late October - this competition is a wonderful avenue to an experience of a lifetime - click for more